Thursday, February 19, 2009

still here

i haven't posted anything in awhile, and it's just b/c nothing has really been going on. kaiya continues to be her silly self. she is on her mat, playing with toys, and giggling like a loon right now...

kaiya's very most favorite thing to do these days is take her socks off. it drives me NUTS b/c her little feet get so cold. but as soon as i turn around after putting them on she has them off already...ugh! and speaking of her little feet - i think i have been spoiled. she used to be able to wear a pair of shoes for at least a year. things are changing though. kaiya's feet are still incredibly small. but the past two shoe size changes have been done within the past 5 months. she went from being in a 5 for about a year to being in a 6 for a couple of months and then a 6 to a 7 so quickly...she has only been in the size 7 for a couple months and already they are starting to pinch her toes. i always love to buy new shoes, but it was nice being able to use them for a long time. i guess she's going through a little growth spurt or something. she looks so tall when she stretches out on the mat. i might have to get out the tape measure and see if she's added any height. the one thing i am sure of is that her little waist has not grown at all. she's my long skinny girl :)

we have started thinking about the SOFT conference this year. because of cost issues, we have decided to drive to roanoke virginia instead of flying. i have no idea how an 11 hour drive will be with my loud little monster, but i guess i will find out! i'm getting really excited about going. so many new and old families have been contacting us and saying that they will be there. it's always awesome to meet new people and reconnect with old friends.