Saturday, December 12, 2009

long time

it has been a LONG time since i have updated everyone on kaiya's goings on. she has still been having her "episodes" (i'm still reluctant to use the term seizures). we had an issue at the hospital when we went to get the eeg so another one is in the works.

other than that, she has been a pretty healthy kid. (quick! knock on wood!) she has her usual issues with constipation, but once we solve that she returns back to her happy self.

she continues to be the happiest kid i know. i seriously don't know what she is laughing at most of the time, but it's infectious so i laugh right along with her! and then she laughs b/c i am laughing...and it goes on and on and on ;)

the cold has settled in, and so have we. not so much going out, more snuggle time at home. the kiddo that used to push away when i would try and take a nap with her, now snuggles in and falls right asleep.

she's continuing to put on weight. at the last weigh in (2 days ago) she was 32 pounds and she was 40" long a couple weeks ago. part of me is happy that she's continuing to grow, and a very small part of me (the one that has to lift her wiggly body off the floor or out of the tub) says - whew, i miss the 10 pound tiny body!

the christmas tree is up, and kaiya loves to stare at the pretty lights. she hasn't gotten under the tree yet this year, but i'm sure once she realizes that the super fun train set is under there she will go right for it. we are hoping to get our xmas pictures done soon (VERY late this year on that!) as soon as i have them i will post them.