Saturday, December 27, 2008


kaiya has been really sleepy lately. i feed her breakfast in the morning, and she passes out 2 minutes later - in the high chair! she has been eating okay. she's been in a good mood. there is no sign of sickness...she's just sleeping a lot. hopefully she's just taking advantage of her vacation time and getting all rested up for school :)

the other day kaiya was playing on the floor. i called her name to try and get her to look at me and she answered back with "mommmmmm". my mother and i almost fell out of our chairs! i don't think she connects the word with me - but maybe she can learn. she is sitting on the floor right now just saying "mmmmommmm mmmommmm mommmm"...what a goofball :)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Christmas photo shoot

we finally got everything together for akaiya's annual xmas photo shoot. i had some great ideas to try this year, but the princess was NOT in the we went very basic. i haven't decided which one we will be sending out. i can't believe i am getting my xmas cards out so late this year!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

more work needed

kaiya had her first follow-up visit with her PT at the hospital. it was wonderful to be able to see everyone again - kaiya was really excited to see her old friends! she was evaluated and the PT told us what i already knew. kaiya's back is looking hopefully if we change a few things that we are doing kaiya will improve, or at least not get worse...we still have to look into changing her chair, or getting a new one. this chair that she has is falling apart daily. it's also not the best seating situation for kaiya.

on a better note - miss thing's cold went away pretty fast. she still coughs in the morning, but she sounds a lot better during the day. she has a new favorite thing to do - she shakes her head back and forth like she's saying no. she does it in between rocking back and forth. she laughs her little head off the whole time she does it. she is also licking the backs of her hands and her arms. it leaves the skin all red and chapped - not pretty. i've been trying to discourage the behavior, and find a cream that will cure all that chapped skin. this poor kid has dry skin anyway - add in the drooling and's not good at all.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


last night i had a dream, and in this dream kaiya could communicate. she wasn't talking clearly, it was actually a mumble. but for some reason i could make out what she was saying with the mumbles. my mother was in the dream and i remember looking at her and saying, "i might sound crazy, but i just understood what kaiya said." she looked at me in the dream, and said that there was no way i could have understood anything... but then kaiya began her talking again and i understood every word of it. it was one of those dreams that is so real, you expect things to be as they were in the dream when you wake up. i completely expected to be able to understandwhat kaiya was saying when she started her mumbling this morning.

no such luck.

but somehow the little princess always seems to get her point across :)

Friday, December 12, 2008

trip to the doc

akaiya has been congested for a couple of days and yesterday she threw up at school so we decided to take a trip to the doc. she is also doing this weird breathing thing. it's almost like she holds her breath, and then she gasps for air. she does it a lot when she wakes up, and as time passes she does it less and less. this morning it was scary because she was holding her breath for so long she started shaking, and then she was gasping for air. by the time we got to the doc she was her smiley goofy self, so i felt like an overprotective mama...but hey, i have that right :) so the doc checked kaiya out and basically said she sounded okay, just had a lil cold. she cleaned a whole ton of nasty orange/brown wax out of kaiya's ears which might be why the kiddo was rubbing her ears...she hasn't done it since they were cleaned so maybe the wax was tickling her or something. as the doc was checking kaiya's lungs she started talking about a heart murmur...kaiya has been to the cardiologist and we were told that she did not need to be followed, her heart is fine, so i didn't really ask questions of this doc. it wasn't our usual pediatrician so i was thinking that she was hearing lung noise and attributing it to kaiya's heart... the doc finished her exam and just told us to turn on the humidifier and keep suctioning kaiya and she should be fine. as i was getting us both bundled up the doc came back into the room and said, "she get's followed up by a cardiologist right?" and i told her no, and went into what the cardiologist told us when kaiya was young... and then i asked her if she thought we should be seeing a cardiologist and she said that it sounds like a small murmur, but she thinks we should see someone. so now we have an appointment to see a cardiologist in january. hopefully it's nothing...i would hate to think kaiya has a problem that we should have been treating all along :(

Monday, December 1, 2008

possible career path???

akaiya has been trying really hard to get her little self into a sitting position. she regularly gets just about there and then topples over (giggling the whole way...) i have been trying to capture her getting into the position on video but whenever she sees the camera she starts hamming it up and acting like a goofball.

this is what she looked like this afternoon. i'm thinking that she might have potential as a yoga instructor???