Saturday, August 29, 2009

time flies

my baby started 2nd grade the other day...2nd grade. when she was born we were told repeatedly that she would be gone very soon - and in 1 week she will be 7 years old. i actually had heart palpitations the other day thinking about her age, because that reminds me of how quickly i am aging!

it was a rainy, icky day. hard to wake up. well, at least it was hard for mama to wake up. kaiya was up and at em bright and early. she was talking and giggling in her bed like she knew it was finally a school day and she couldn't wait to go back. kaiya has the same teacher and aides that she has had for the past couple of years, which is a very good thing. they know all of her quirky little behaviors and kaiya absolutely loves them! kaiya is the only girl in her class this year, which i'm sure she loves! her little friend from last year doesn't go to the same school anymore so i'm sure she is missing him a bit, but she'll make more friends ;)

i still can't believe my monster is a big 2nd grader! (with lots of missing teeth!)

Sunday, August 23, 2009


it is with a sad heart that we request some warm wishes for our friend brianna. she has been having some very serious medical issues lately, and it looks as if they are not going to improve. her story can be found here:


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

life wouldn't be nearly as interesting without akaiya

NOTE: This is another blog about poop. If you have a weak stomach, or a distinct dislike for defecation you may want to skip this one.

so, as you may or may not know, kaiya's biggest issue is constipation. the kiddo always has trouble pushing out the poos...and it's only made more difficult because she doesn't like to drink and has a love for bananas. the other day i realized that i would have to give her some help, so i gave her an enema. we waited for awhile...and nothing happened. she fell asleep after pushing for awhile, so i left her alone, thinking maybe during the night she would get some relief. well, we woke up in the morning and there weren't any presents waiting for me, so i gave her another enema (yes the box says they are for occasional use...but hey, there are different rules in trisomy-land right?) so she pushed and pushed, and nothing came out. i realized i had to go to plan e. e for extraction...yuk. after my first round with this method kaiya started being able to finish on her own. she went, and went, and went. my little girl that was starting to look like her torso was filling out, all of a sudden started looking like a victim of starvation. akaiya was literally full of sh** - well she was, before she started expelling it like crazy. i can not believe how much came out of her, i can not believe how bloated she was, and i can not believe how skinny she is now :(
so, i decided to give her a bath. i thought it would relax her, maybe the warm water would make her feel a little bit better. i was looking at her stomach while i was washing her hair - it looked odd. i could see the abdominal muscles clearly...and her stomach was caved inward. right as the thought went through my mind, "there is no way she can have any more poop inside of her" something floated by...i was confused at first, until i looked down towards her rear end, where i saw a big brown pile. oh man! so we quickly got out of the tub, cleaned off in the shower, and went to get dressed. how would i entertain myself without these crazy bloopers?

also something of a noteworthy event - akaiya had her first mcdonalds cheeseburger. i had forgotten to bring food for her lunch, and i was looking for an excuse to have one of their fountain cokes (what do they put into those things? it doesn't taste like regular coca-cola.) so i decided to get her a cheeseburger happy meal. she seemed to really like it! of course i had to puree it, which was kind of gross to be honest, but she didn't mind that at all. so now kaiya has officially joined the rest of america in her love for fast food ;)