Tuesday, April 21, 2009

beware! this post is about bodily functions...if you have a weak stomach, you may want to skip it!

even though it is gross i feel the need to talk about this. poop. with akaiya, our biggest issue is poop. or rather the lack of poop. she eats a lot of food, fights us with drinking, and i think that is why it is so difficult for her to poop. so we'll take today. she woke up with what we affectionately call "poo balls". not a lot, just enough to smell :( and then her report from school said she had 2 bm's - 1 regular and one small. then she had another one when she got home - a regular (although, what the heck is regular anyway?!?) she was pushing and pushing like she was very constipated. she managed to get out what i thought was a good sized poo. but it was hard. and i saw that she still had more in there. so we gave her an enema...and something came out of her that looked way to big to come out of that little body - yet i still could feel more poo in her belly. she's really skinny. really skinny right now b/c of the recent weight loss. so you can see the lumps in her intestine when she needs to go. so 10 minutes later - another really large deposit was made in her diaper. i have NO idea how she gets these things out. it is so unreal to me that i have almost (on more than one occasion) had the bad taste to photograph it and post the pic...i don't know where all of this stuff hides. i'm beginning to think that kaiya is made up of poo...

sorry for the really graphic post...but well, it is what it is. this is one of the goofy themes in the trisomy fun park ;)

Friday, April 17, 2009

bring on the noise

my noise maker is back. i never thought i would be happy to hear "aaaaaahhhhhhh eeeeeeeeeeee eh eh eh eh", but after almost a week of silence, it's a wonderful sound. kaiya has gone to school and done well according to her teacher. they definitely noticed her weight loss :( we will be working overtime to gain those pounds back! she hasn't slept at school, but when she gets home she is out like a light! she wakes up for a big meal, and then right back to sleep. i hope that means she growing!
All full after eating her dinner
Big smiles because mom sang the "you did it!" song...
Akaiya's little feet, and the socks that should be on them
Full tummy after a big long day makes for a sleepy girl :)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

doing better

well, the peanut seems to be doing MUCH better. she hasn't had any nasty diapers or vomiting and her appetite has increased hugely! she looks like a little skeleton b/c she lost so much weight, but hopefully we will start packing the pounds back on soon. she went back to school today and shockingly, managed to stay awake the whole day. she was probably just excited to see all of her friends, especially her BFF. she didn't take a long nap after school today, but i think that is because she was hungry. i went to get her out of her bed and actually heard her stomach growling! she had an early dinner and we hung out outside for awhile. i put her on her mat to play, and that's when i was sure she felt better. she kept taking her socks off! even though her feet are icy cold, she does not want to wear her socks!

Monday, April 13, 2009


just when i thought kaiya was getting better - she hurls all over the place :(

so after 3.5 days of puking and pooping, mommy finally relented and took kaiya to see her doctor. i think kaiya just likes to visit these people every once in awhile! she's been VERY quiet, which is kind of scary in an of itself...but when she saw her doctor she started talking at him :)

we learned that she has lost a lot of weight - a little over 3lbs to be exact :(

and we also learned that she has rotovirus. and he says she's going to have it for at least 10 - 12 days...ugh. i told him that she can't afford to lose that much weight, and he agreed. there isn't really anything he can do though. he prescribed ondansetron to help with the nausea, and he said that it would make her thirsty. so i'll keep trying to get food into her, and try to keep up with her nasty stinky diapers. YUCK!

kaiya is still pretty sleepy, although she did play with some of her toys today. she won't be going to school for probably the rest of the week.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

happy easter

hope everyone is having a wonderful bunny day :)

akaiya actually ate all of her breakfast today. of course it wasn't the amount that she usually eats, and it was made really soft, but she finished the bowl so we celebrated. she stayed awake longer today too. since she was doing so well, we planned on going to a family easter party - until she pooped on me :( we both had our baths and as i was lugging her down the stairs i started to smell somthing foul. i got her to her room and there was a little bit of very wet yucky smelling stuff on her towel, the clothes i was holding, and the clothes i was wearing. i figured if she was still having diarrhea she wasn't going to be up to travelling around. she layed on her mat and fell asleep before i could try getting lunch into her. looks like she'll be staying home from school tomorrow.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

sleepy saturday

akaiya seems better today. well, she's not puking so that's better. she has drank a lot (for her at least...) and she has eaten a little bit. she's still sleeping A LOT. she was constipated so i helped her get that problem solved today... and since then her diapers have had the worst smell i've ever had the displeasure to experience...maybe it's the sickness coming out that way? and i haven't had a chance to weigh her but i can tell she's lost weight. why does it take months to put on but only hours to take off???

Friday, April 10, 2009

not so good friday

kaiya woke up today with a smile as usual, but i noticed that she felt a little warm. i thought that maybe she was still toasty from being snuggled in her blankets and put her in the chair to have some breakfast. she drank pretty willingly - which for her is almost unheard of so i should have known something wasn't right... she refused to eat her breakfast. i begged and pleaded with her for an hour and only got about 10 bites in. so we snuggled for awhile, and she slept. i put her on her mat to play, and she slept. she got up to play for a couple of minutes, and then she slept. lunchtime came and she had a little bit of her spaghetti o's and applesauce...and then she slept. she doesn't have any signs that would let me know exactly what is wrong with her, she's just a little warm, sleeping, and not eating well. here's to hoping the little princess perks up in time to see the easter bunny on sunday :)

late night update: kaiya has started vomiting - poor little thing :( kaiya and i have this puking thing down by now. she makes the "i'm going to hurl" noise, i run her to the bathroom, and she let's loose in the sink. she even makes time to give me dirty looks in between vomiting up whatever little things i've been able to get into her... i hope she's not getting the flu that was going around the schools a couple weeks ago! we just got to 30 pounds and we'd like to keep her there.