Friday, October 29, 2010

where did my baby go?

i did something the other day i never really thought i would do.

i bought kaiya her first bra.

i know what you're thinking..."this woman must be crazy!" "isn't kaiya only 8 years old?!?!" "what is wrong with her mom???"

well, the lil person is in the early stages of puberty. and she's developing. quickly. i like to use the little cami shirts with the shelf supports...but then i was at old navy and they had these little cotton cami bras so i picked them up. i feel like they kind of flatten her and make her look a little less "curvy".

she is getting some meat on her body too. the last weigh in has her at a whopping 45 lbs. she used to be all skin and bones. i was excited b/c i found some size 6 jeans in a slim. i brought them home and they were too small! the poor girl's belly was squishing all over the top! regular jeans are the way to go these days i guess...

i have added a new nickname to her very long list: fat kid =)