Friday, May 22, 2009

sweet girl

there are days where kaiya shows me that she definitely knows who i am and that she loves me. today was definitely one of those days ;)

mama has been pretty sick the past couple of days. high fevers, sore throat, ears...general yuckiness. so when mama is sick she tries her hardest to stay away from kaiya so she doesn't catch it too. this is made pretty difficult when daddy, nana, and papa are all out of town and unable to help out with kaiya! so kaiya has been spending a lot of time on her mat playing with her toys - with limited contact from the mommy. it's worked out okay b/c she has been in school - but today she had an institute day so she was at home all day with mama. we went to the doctor to figure out what the heck is going on and got a diagnosis of strep (oh hurray...)

the doc took one look at my throat and said "ewww, yeah, that's strep." i wanted to ask him, "is eww a medical term doctor?" so obviously i had to hold kaiya to get her in and out of the car. and every time i picked her up she grabbed on and didn't want to let go when i put her in the stroller or her seat. i just wanted to give her a big squish - but i don't want her to have this sickness so i held back. just now she creeped off of her mat and got all the way across the room to the couch i'm sitting on and stared up at me and giggled. i could just tell that she was so proud that she made it, and she wanted to play. the poor thing probably has no idea why mommy isn't giving her the quality time she is used to :(

i put her back on her mat b/c the wood floor really is chilly. she is staring me down with those big brown eyes.

soon we'll play baby girl. soon ;)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

life as usual

" no gnews is good gnews with gary gnu..." a quote from a silly show i used to watch when i was younger that seems appropriate :)

kaiya has been doing well. she's eating great, gaining some weight, and back to her silly giggly self. we've been enjoying the warmer weather - and hoping that it stays with us!

today kaiya got a much needed haircut. i gave her the last one she had (6 months ago?) and didn't really do that great of a i finally let nana in to repair the damage. kaiya is barely tolerant of people messing with her hair, so haircuts are usually filled with lots of flailing and sometimes crying... her hair looks much better now thanks to nana!

yelling because she's not too happy with the process...

being a stinker and sticking her tongue out at me!


the curls that were cut off...