Monday, July 12, 2010


we had our first tube "mishap" today. we were in the store shopping for a lightweight stroller that is high enough so that miss kaiya doesn't drag her feet on the ground. i found one i wanted to try out, turned around to take kaiya out of the cart, and saw that her shirt was all wet. i didn't think that she had drooled that much in the minute it took me to get the stroller down so i lifted her shirt to inspect. the cap had come undone on her tube. kaiya had just been given a can of pediasure about 45 minutes before...needless to say it was all over her. i gave myself a minute to have a private freak out session in my head - and then i wheeled her very quickly through the store and out the door. undigested pediasure smells AWFUL. kaiya thought that it was all a big fun game though. oy....

the kiddo isn't really too wild about eating by mouth lately. she's pretty much refusing everything. i don't know if it was because she was constipated, but we took care of that and she's still being a stinker. not making mama a happy camper at all. good thing we have the backup...

Thursday, July 8, 2010


akaiya is getting heavy. i didn't realize how quickly she would gain weight. i don't know if it's good that she's gaining weight this quickly...but there it is. i'm giving her the amount of calories the nutritionist told me to. her doctor hasn't said that he's worried about it. so i guess we'll just keep it up and see where it takes us. i used to just carry her if i was running in to the store for something small, but i felt like she was going to break my arm when i did that yesterday! she has gained 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. i hope this slows down soon!

other than that she has been her giggly little self. we are getting the button put in on the 26th and i can't wait! this tube is starting to get on my nerves! she is starting to roll around more so i can tell her tummy doesn't hurt like it did. she's also starting to lift her shirt up and explore the "stuff" underneath. i keep that tube under wraps, but i'm sure her curious little hands will figure it out soon enough.