Friday, June 24, 2011


kaiya came with me to do some grocery shopping today. it has been awhile since she & i did a solo trip because she's getting kind of big to sit in the shopping cart, and i can't push a cart and a stroller at the same time. but we both needed to get out of the house today so off we went to food 4 less. this store isn't the closest too us, but i like to go in there sometimes because they have some things you just can't get anywhere else. apparently this is where all the friendly people shop too. so many people stopped to tell me how pretty kaiya is, and to say hi to her. it was almost a little odd how many people approached us. but it was nice for other people to actually acknowledge the little noise maker instead of just staring out of the corner of their eyes. kaiya of course loved the attention! we might have to make that our normal store =)


Cathy said...

Let me tell you I came here expecting to see no updates. Wow, I am wrong. I love reading and seeing pictures of your sweet girl. Yes she has grown and yes she is beautiful. I have showed my nurses how I want Annabel's hair to look. I know, I first have to quit cutting it.
Also, I wanted to comment on how nice your guy is and he is proud of you and Akaiya, you can just tell. Sounds like he is a hard worker also. Please know that you both deserve him and that you are all lucky to have each other. I see you will be on the board for next year. Yea! I brought 3 cameras and the one I had hoped would come out the best didn/t. That is where most of the ones with Kaiya are. If you had any of Annabel and her turn out well, can you please email me some/or one. I want to put one of them on the blog. I am sick about my good camera but they won't download. Please, for our sake keep us the post. Someone told me, even if only a photo, anything to see her sweet face.

Kelly said...

it was great being able to see you guys and play with sweet annabel. as soon as i get to a good computer i will send you pics of our girls together. where did you see that i was on the board? i ran, but wasn't elected. thanks for letting me steal your girl for a few extra squishes! i just love that kid!

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