Thursday, November 11, 2010

hair cut

we've been trying to grow kaiya's hair out. the thought was that if it got to a certain length it might actually weigh itself down and hang nicely... this didn't seem to be working at all. her fro just kept getting bigger and bigger and crazier. she hates having her head touched, so imagine trying to comb through this big mop of curls after she's been rolling around on the floor or in her bed. not fun for either of us. so nana finally gave in and was willing to cut it. kaiya was not too pleased with the process and shook her lil head no every time we told her to sit still. such a sassy little monster!


Cathy said...

We have also been trying to grown Annabel locks out. Our younger nurse is encouraging me. I don't like when the fro sets in. It is always so easy after being cut. So right now we will see. Since she is in the hospital it is harder to maintain.
Praying for you about that diet. Since Annabel got on this TPN she looks like a sumo wrestler.

Laura Gilmour said...

I have been following your blog for a couple months. In the fall, I hope to be entering my Master's in special education and enjoy reading websites of children with special needs. I, like you like to focus on the positive aspects and do not believe in feeling sorry for a child due to challanges. Akaiya looks so full of life and communicative in that above video. I like how even though she doesn't use words, she understands the turn-taking aspect of conversation by "talking" back. I also like how she is able to use non-verbal methods such as eye gaze to get her point across. I feel bad that she's having trouble with seizures lately. I will pray that the doctors get a handle on these so she can have many more happy, healthy years.

Kelly said...

Thanks for following my kiddos story. I'm a special education teacher and it's one of the most challenging but most fulfilling careers out there! Kaiya may not be able to use language like a typically developing child, but she definitely gets her point across! Good luck with school and if you ever need more info just shoot me an email at